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Best Android Music Player

One of Android’s smartphones’ best qualities is its flexibility. This also applies to the applications for music players. This software is ideal for those wishing to configure their listening, storage, and other preferences. Best Android music player is one of the first apps to be installed, but on Google Play there are millions of music players available for Android, some are paid and some are free. Since most of our readers aren’t interested in the paid edition so we have also gathered some free apps too.

There are plenty of Music Player in the Android app store. Not all systems are really well. Some apps may be caused troubling and the GUI of some device is very bad, but we have considered only the perfect one. In this article, you get 10 best android music players, which really add value to the quality of music or music listing quality on your smartphone.

Best Android Music Player 2020

This article looks at some of the best choices you can consider if you are unhappy with the default music player on your smartphone. Mostly, but not all music player apps can give you a similar audible quality. The key things we concentrate on in this section are design, interesting features, and a lack of irritating ads.

The music player is necessary when you are traveling or want to have some fun for your ears or even want to get relaxed at home. Let look into best music player apps for android, also check out our recommendation list for best android mobile for gaming, best monitor for gaming.

1- AIMP – Best Music Player For Android Overall

AIMP music player for Android is known for its simplicity and offers all the functionality you’ll need to play songs daily in any music player program.AIMP appears a bit too simplistic at first glance. Flat interface designs are in at the moment, but the AIMP solution feels a little flat. This app gets straight to the point that it plays your music and distractions do not muck around.

AIMP Best Music Player For Android Overall
User Interface of AIMP

This app has 10 + million downloads and 400k reviews in the play store. This music player application is completely ads-free and lightweight, making this application the best android music player for. The user interface of the AIPM program is good and extremely easy to use. You can easily increase or decrease the speed of music playback, too.

You do get features such as sleep timer, replay speed control, speaker control, equalizer, etc. There are other useful and advanced options hidden in the hamburger menu. You can also handle map control and customize how you want the most out of it. One of my favorite features is tapped the name of the song and get the important information of the song including artist, writer, genre, year, file size, bitrate, and location of the recording.

It manages almost all forms of audio files including lossy and lossless formats. It comes with a 29-band equalizer which is uncommon in music players to see. You can combine multi-channel files into a stereo and/or mono files too. Overall, it’s a great option if you can get past the GUI, which won’t let you down.

2- Pulsar – Best Android Music Player App For Free – Tiny Size

Pulsar has an elegant interface, a sleek display that’s easy to use. Although this edition also provides the ability to pick numerous themes to personalize your experience. You can easily manage your music and edit the tags associated with each song, album, or artist in real-time, allowing you to organize the music you listen to. Pulsar’s smart playlist function can create a most-played list and a recent list of new songs for you, making it easy to have a randomly created list for the day.

Pulsar Best Android Music Player App Free Tiny Size
User Interface of Pulsar Music Player

Pulsar is one of the most popular free Android music player apps amongst many users, being totally free and lightweight. It’s ad-free and simple but beautifully crafted with a stunning user interface and animation. You can also adjust the GUI to various themes in color. The library view of Pulsar can be sorted by song, artist, genre, or directories.

This app has a free and paid plan. Yet the two are distinct apps. You get some advanced features in the paid plans. But their free plan is enough to list an album. You get all the advanced features in their free package.

This also provides all the other features such as gapless replay, home screen widget, built-in tag editor, 5-band equalizer, last.FM scrobbling, and many more. Even though Pulsar is tiny, but it is one of Android’s best music players you can check out for.

3- Musicolet Music Player – Best With Equaliser

Musical Music Player is a simple music player but a powerful app. It is a blend of all the features and resources necessary for playing music. Its best feature is that it is completely offline. It doesn’t need any authorization to access the Internet, so it can’t even send/receive a single bit of data from/to the internet. This unique ‘feature’ also helps us to enjoy music without any disruption or disturbance.

Musicolet Music Player Best Android Music Player With Equaliser
Musicolet Music Player User Interface

Musicolet is one of Android’s most straightforward Music Player. It is really strong with the regular smattering of apps like equalizers, a sleep timer, embedded lyrics, and browsing full granular tab. The UI is nice and easy, and it offers you widgets and (* drum roll *) several listening queues instead of dabbling with stupid stuff like themes. Even paid music apps to have a hard time keeping up with this excellent feature collection.

It is an ad-free, lightweight music player with several functions. It allows you to use your earphone button to power your music player; a single pause / play click, a double click plays the next track and a triple-click takes you to the previous track. You can also move the song forward with 4 or more repeated clicks. 

Best of all, the music player provides an integrated tag editor for updating meta tags, such as song title, album, artist, band, genre, year, etc., in addition to editing album art, synced or unsynced lyrics embedded in mp3 files. 

This app is installed in PlayStore by more than 1 million users and has maintained an impressive 4.7 ranking. One of the best aspects is that to get a free version, you don’t have to check for Musicolet music player mod apk on google, because it’s 100% free.

4- BlackPlayer – Best Sound Quality

An Android phone has many uses and one of them is listening to music. If you have great music to listen to in your Android system that you’re just dying of, you need a player that fits your sounds than BlackPlayer is that player.

Best App for Sound Quality

BlackPlayer is an elegant but easy music player that places very little between you and your music. It works on the basis of a tab and you can configure the tabs to use only the ones you really like. This also has an equalizer, buttons, scrobbling, an ID3 tag editor, no commercials, themes, and support for most widely used music files. Because of its impressive feature set, it is a solid option for music lovers. Although most of it is only available in premium edition, BlackPlayer Ex.

BlackPlayer has been around for quite some time, but the developer is continuously updating it. The developer is extremely active, and followers of beta channels should expect updates even more frequently. It appears to be a basic audio player with a minimalist material design on the top, but that’s the basis of its attractiveness.

Apart from this, BlackPlayer app is ad-free and available for free in the Play Store. A paid version with extended features can also be purchased.

5- Poweramp – Best Stylish Music Player App on Android

Poweramp is among Google Play Store’s oldest and most popular music apps. It is one of the best music players available to someone who is serious about their offline listening, with hundreds of apps. The app hasn’t received much media attention lately, but Poweramp 3.0 has recently added even more features, many of which users may not know about.

Poweramp Best Stylish Music Player App on Android
UserInterface of PowerAmp Music Player

It is very easy to use, without being too dull and superficial. On the other side, it does not look too fancy, either. All in all, style-wise, it holds a fine balance. If the whole look doesn’t suit your style, then you can check out the different themes available for it and you’re sure to find something for yourself.

Poweramp is known not only for its design features but also for mp3, m4a, Ogg, WMA, Flac, and other audio formats. There is an internal equalizer which is very good, you also get crossfade, gapless replay, lyrics show support, etc.

The app supports almost every single audio-based file type that you might ever hope for, including standard.mp3 and.m4a files (m4a being the typical file type found on the iTunes store) to higher-end file types. Whatever file form your library consists of; you can almost guarantee Poweramp does not have a problem playing it.

Poweramp is the best offline music player If you prefer audio files of higher quality, then Poweramp’s dedication to high audio fidelity, excellent features, and fantastic usability would probably just suit you.

6- VLC media player – Best Simple Music Player App in Android

The VLC media player is a free, open-source multimedia cross-platform player that plays most multimedia files, as well as protocols for disk, system and network streaming. The VLC media player has a port to the AndroidTM platform. VLC for Android can play any video and audio files, as well as network streams, network and drive shares, and DVD ISOs, such as the VLC desktop version.

VLC media player - Best Simple Music Player App in Android
Best Android Music Player - Android Guide 1

If you’re looking for an all-in-one media player that will handle just about any file format, then give Android a spin on VLC. VLC can play everything from the standard MP3 and MP4 files to more uncommon formats like MKV and FLAC out of the box.VLC for Android also supports network sharing and media library management, as well as advanced playback functionality such as multiple audio tracks and subtitles, and streaming to Chromecast, in addition to playing local files.

It supports all formats including MKV, MP4, AVI, MOV, Ogg, FLAC, TS, M2TS, Wv, and AAC. No separate updates are provided to all codecs. Subtitles, Teletext and Closed Captions are provided. 

VLC for Android has an audio and video file media library and enables easy browsing of files. VLC has multitrack audio and subtitle support. To monitor speed, brightness, and searching, it supports auto-rotation, aspect-ratio changes, and gestures. It also provides an audio control panel, supports control of the audio headsets, cover art, and a full audio media library.

In software and hardware mode VLC will decode video. Decoding hardware often offers improved performance but is not supported on all platforms. If your version of Android is below 4.3, you may consider software decoding the only option that is supported.

7- jetAudio HD Player – Best Music Player with Visualisation

In terms of design and interface, jetAudio HD Player is a relatively good music player app but is a whole different story when it comes to the functionality it has to offer. The app has predefined settings for all kinds of music and, if you use the right kind of tool, it has the ability to improve your listening experience with effects like Bass and Treble.

jetAudio HD Player - Best Music Player with Visualisation
Best Android Music Player - Android Guide 2

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus is an mp3 music player equipped with a graphical equalizer and HD audio enhancers. The music player has around 10 to 20 graphic equalizer bands to choose from, with various sound effects. It is one of the most downloaded music players with outstanding sound effect plugins available. The plug-ins include the Crystalizer, Bongiovi D, AM3D Audio Enhancer.

The jetAudio HD Player’s most critical and versatile feature is the easily customizable 20 band equalizer. When you own a pair of high-quality headphones and are able to find the right preset equalizer settings it might be a real treat for you. It also comes with options to adjust your ambient sound effects and set different levels of Bass and Treble as well.

Other features are very strong and take this app to a whole new level. For interface style, you can choose between list mode or grid mode. There are three modes to list and 10 modes to map. You can find music on YouTube using the jetAudio HD Music Player app. The artists, albums, tracks, playlists, styles, and directories categorize the files. You can browse quickly and find your pick.

The free edition also includes adds that are absent from the plus edition. You can listen to high-quality music the way your smartphone itself plays it everywhere. And you get to enjoy the full functionality of jetAudio with plus edition with a limited download charge with in-app purchases.

8- Phonograph – Best Music Player without Ads

This is a sleek Android music player that people can use to describe phonograph. The clean-looking UI often covers features behind their menus from perspectives such as tag editing and playlist management. The effect is a clutter-free design that you can customize to fit your taste. The software also comes with an equalizer and sleep timer.

Best Android Music Player without ads
Best Android Music Player - Android Guide 3

Phonograph is one of only a few good applications for open-source music collections. It bills itself as simplistic, Light, and easy to use. It does work in most situations. It features a classic, easy Material Design UI. Moving through quickly as needed. If you like, you can also modify the theme but the theme editor is not especially effective.

Phonograph saves details missing from your media automatically. The tag editor in this player allows you to edit tags such as cover, single song artist, or entire albums easily. Its certain features include lock screen access, gapless replay, and a sleep timer. The software provides in-paid with some extra features.

Phonograph scrobbles with the Lastest FM apps to fill in additional information about the artists and pictures automatically. There’s a built-in theme you can choose from to get the music player that looks best. Besides its advanced features, Phonograph also has the normal features you can encounter with other players in the genre. For your alternative music player, download Phonograph for a simple, familiar, and clean interface.

9- MediaMonkey – Best For Clean UI

For its incredibly strong music control, MediaMonkey is one of our favorite music players on Windows, and now that the same power is available on Android, complete with wireless syncing for Windows users. Built to handle and synch vast sets of music, it provides a few features that might cater to those who want all the bells and whistles. 

MediaMonkey Best For Clean UI
Best Android Music Player - Android Guide 4

It also works with audiobooks, podcasts, and videos, in addition to handling your music. It supports Android Auto and casting so that you can stream to a Chromecast speaker (or Google Cast).

There are versions that are free and paid for MediaMonkey  The free version is not a trail Instead, it has several walled-off features and is available for in-paid, such as Wi-Fi synchronization with your PC, a UPnP / DLNA add-on and some advanced settings including a browser folder.

It provides much of the advanced functionality of media management which users expect from MediaMonkey products. Used for Windows as part of MediaMonkey, it shares your media library and most of its attributes between your desktop and computers. If you edit metadata on your desktop or Android device (including multiple attributes per field), playlists, ratings, play history, bookmarks, etc.

10- PlayerPro Music Player – Best For Controls

For Android, PlayerPro Music Player is a moderate level app for all music lovers around. It comes with a host of different features that not only allow you to play your favorite but also help you organize the songs and do several other interesting things. If you really want to turn your smartphone into a portable music station then it would be of great help to apps like those.

PlayerPro Music Player Best For Controls
Best Android Music Player - Android Guide 5

PlayerPro Music Player is a perfect, professional Android music app with loads of features to bring your listening experience to a much higher level. With an amazing user rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, the app is available in the Google PlayStore on high demand at a cost of $3.95. A trial edition for the same app is also available and can be used for a duration of 10 days.

Well, it is lesser established music apps which is intended to get a little more traffic. It features a good-looking interface that makes everything and skins that you can download and install for further customization.

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