Best Monitor For Gaming – Best Gaming Monitors 4k, PC, Xbox, PS4

Best Monitor For Gaming - Best Gaming Monitors 4k, PC, Xbox, PS4

It might be challenging for anyone to pick the right gaming monitor. Either you are using a cheap, expansive laptop or desktop setup you must need the best monitor for gaming to have immersive gaming experience. Nowadays, pc games have an enormous number of realistic visuals. Thus to practice such stunning gaming quality you need to have the best gaming monitor with a faster refresh rate.

Monitors come in varieties of shape, size, and quality, providing you with more display for real estate games and freeing your laptop screen for some extra space for other tasks.

Spending a good amount of money for the best gaming monitor is not a bad idea, especially when you can spend hundreds of bucks on building the best gaming setup. Having the best monitor today won’t allow you to buy a new one for a long while. You have to make the right decision now, so you won’t regret it in the future.

Best Monitor For Gaming 2020

Different gamers have different choices for gaming displays. Some are looking for a bigger display while some are looking for a 4k monitor or gaming monitor 1.44hz. So before purchasing a monitor without knowing anything, ask yourself a question about what your demand is? Are you looking for a gaming monitor with a faster refresh rate or curved shape? Are you looking for the best gaming monitor on budget?

In this guide, we have considered all aspects of the best gaming monitors and answers to all of your questions. We will help you to choose one of the best displays to get an edge over your opponents and smooth and three-dimensional gaming experience. We have compiled the top 20 monitors for gaming for every type of gamer. Check all aspects of gaming monitors in this below guide. Also, check our latest recommendations for the best monitor for MacBook pro, best android for gaming, and best mac for gaming.

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Buyers Guide

While choosing the best gaming monitor you have to use your full brain. There are a lot of gaming monitor varieties available so choose wisely. Also, consider different factors before purchasing these displays like the size you want, the space you have, budget. You also need to consider the relation between your Graphics card and the monitor’s refresh rate, response time, and resolution.

If you are looking for the best performance gaming monitor then HP OMEN is the best choice overall, as it provides complete gaming details with a sharp resolution with maximum brightness. If you want the best 4K monitor with a combination of extra resolution and a higher refresh rate, then Acer Predator x27 is the best option for you. If you are willing to spend the extra money and want to burn your wallet then Alienware AW5520QF is a good option for you. But if you don’t have enough money and want a budget gaming monitor then Lenovo FHD 2020 is right option for you as you can play all modern games COD, Battlefield, GTA V perfectly on it.

You should also consider these aspect for gaming monitors before buying.


The size of the gaming screen plays a very important role. Bigger display increases the gaming experience you will love to play gaming on a wider and bigger screen. Our suggestion is to use a monitor with at-least 27 inches. Also, consider the space available on your gaming desk or setup before buying so you regret it after.


Monitors with proper brightness controls are also necessary for the great gaming experience. You should buy a monitor with maximum nits of brightness. Our suggestion in terms of brightness is that you consider a screen with automatic brightness suggestion and screen color temperature control. If you are looking to play games in a dark room then you should consider a screen with good brightness features.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of the monitor is how much numbers of the time screen updates a new image within a second. You will get a smoother screen display with a higher refresh rate. If you have 70hz, your screen display updates 70 times within a second. But this is a small aspect as the human eye cant images these updates but it will increase the display smoothness.


Yes, price. Price is also important to factor. If you want a long-lasting monitor then you have to get a costly display. If you think your best gaming computer will last much longer even a decade then you should consider buying the best gaming monitor. Also If you want to buy or build a new gaming system in the future, then you do not need to buy a new one.

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