Best Gaming Headphones 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

Top 10 Best Gaming Headphones

Are you an expert gamer or a newbie? Playing single player or online multiplayer games? Want to take your gaming experience to the next level? You might be worried as it is not easy to select the best one when there are varieties available. If you are really thinking of buying the best gaming headphones in 2019 because you don’t want to waste your time in looking and searching around the web, that’s a wise consideration. Your presence here shows that you want a High-quality Hi-Fi headphone.


The good headphones consist of the great quality of fabric for ear cushions, that deliver clear and soft audio without any irritation and keeps your ear dry and comfortable and without any irritation. They also need to take care of privacy as nobody wants to keep their roommates awake all night.

We have chosen some of the best gaming headsets for our list after measuring the audio performance, building standards, design materials and fit. We have chosen our list wisely as gaming headsets need to be an amazing combination of audio, comfortable ear cups and long term battery performance. Read this article till the end you can find some wireless earbuds which you can afford easily. You can also look for some gaming mouse here.

Best Gaming Headphones 2019

There are multiple manufacturers in this field trying to push better and improved gaming headphones into the market to compete with global dominance. The consumers need to have the taste of the selection of the right product that matches all of their requirements for such audio device.

Product NameWeight
Type & ConnectionBattery Timing


1. Razer Nari Ultimate | Best Razer Gaming Headphone

Razer Nari ultimate is the wireless game headset built-in Hypersense technology along with soft ear cups and a strong sound programming. This headset is an amazing combination of audio and haptic, comfortable ear pads and a set of audio software. The cooling gel–infused earpads help to reduce heat build-up, and to keep your air fresh. While its soft cloth and leatherette make it more comfortable for enjoying extended gaming sessions.

  • Interface: Wireless / 3.5 mm Wired
  • Battery: 8-hour battery life
  • Drivers: 50mm drivers
  • Microphone: Retractable
  • Audio: THX Spatial Audio
  • Audio Controls: On-Headset
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices

Razer Hypersense provides energetic touch response to add a new level of gaming. This headset delivers wireless audio simply over a 2.4 GHz USB adapter. The headset keeps considerable weight 15.2 ounces, with metal elements ensuring long-lasting. While great audio and build high sound quality make it the perfect match for a powerful PC gaming headset. The sound quality and haptics will keep you smiling throughout your gaming, music, and video playing sessions. The headset also works easily in wired mode along both USB and 3.5mm analog choices.

The Razer Nari Ultimate available and sells at reasonable prices, its Hypersense technology, not only give entertainment, they make intentness games even more expressive. Perfect match with significant audio, high quality, and brings something good and fresh to the audio space. This is a great partner for any PC gamer and user.

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  • Good Sound Quality
  • Multiples Connectivity Options
  • Comfortable to use
  • Not super heavy
  • Nice metal frame so they don’t break over time
  • Lights up with Chroma to look fancy with other Razer products


  • Sound better once the THX Spatial Sound is turned off
  • Haptic vibrations are divisive
  • Sound Normalization seems to be always on, which gets annoying
  • The mic has no wind guard
  • Range of the headset is short about 12 ft


2. HyperX Cloud Revolver S | Elite Gaming Headphone

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Elite Gaming HeadphoneIf you’re going to start gaming seriously, you need a headset that will provide the perfect result and advantages. The HyperX Cloud Revolver S gaming headset works as excellent outside of games as it does amazingly. The Hyper Cloud Revolver is an excellent gaming headset, offering cool sound with a comfortable, durable and stylish design.

  • Interface: 1m braided cable with single 3.5mm + 2.2m USB Audio Control Box
  • Drivers: Next Gen 50mm
  • Microphone: Detachable, noise canceling
  • Audio: Dolby Surround 7.1
  • Audio Controls: Advanced Audio Control Box
  • Frame Type: Steel
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The headset incredible designed to achieve the demands of the best PC and gamer. With incredible build and comfort, offers a solid spatial sound that can assist you in playing games. The headset designed with signature HyperX memory foam, durable steel metal frame and leather-wrapped that ensures reliability. The headset is highly comfortable and delivers great sound quality, whatever that’s you are playing games, listening to music or watching videos. This high-quality headset is featuring great sound stages.

It is compatible with PC, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One (HX-HSCRS-GM/NA). This headset is with studio-grade stage and noise-free mic. This flexible headset also provides support 3.5mm audio jack connectivity. The high-quality headset is offering great sound stages. Revolver S headset consists easily set up audio control box, so you can easily Push-to-Dolby, mute and regulate levels. The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is available at a reasonable price in the market, but for the quality of sound, you definitely get high quality. This headset has Next-generation 50mm directional drivers placed parallel to the ears, deliver accurate audio with intensity bass.

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  • Voice chat sound quality is excellent
  • Elite feelings with Excellent sound quality & Design
  • Comfortable to use / No Heating
  • Bass tickles your ears
  • The Microphone is flexible and can be removed while travel


  • The two volume/mic wheels have no resistance
  • Cable is not too long
  • The headphone is slightly heavy
  • No mute button
  • No Dolby 7.1 / 5.1 Surround Sound for Xbox. Stereo sound only


3. STEELSERIES ARCTIS 7 | High-End Gaming Headphone | 24 Hrs Battery

SteelSeries Arctis 7 High End Gaming HeadphoneThe Steel Series Arctis 7 specially designed for gaming.  The Arctis 7 uses the verify Arctis 2.4G wireless connection for clear and lossless wireless audio with ultra-low latency and up to 12 meters of zero interference. The headset is well recognized as the best mic in gaming, Clearcast microphone gives studio-quality audio clearness and background noise cancellation. It’s designed as a broadcast quality microphone. Superior audio drivers engineered to deliver ultra-low bend audio, you’ll perceive every detail. This headset’s S1 speaker drivers deliver you the competitive edge of remarkable audio clarity.

  • Interface: Wireless / Stereo 3.5mm
  • Battery: 24-hours battery life
  • Drivers: 50mm drivers / S1 speaker drivers
  • Microphone: ClearCast Bidirectional Microphone
  • Audio: X v2 Surround Audio
  • Audio Controls: On-Ear Audio Controls
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4

With next-generation of DTS Headphone of X v2.0 immerses you in the activity by giving you incredibly accurate 360-degrees of audio without sounding as you’re in the tunnel. You can play extended gaming sessions with high-performance fabric AirWeave ear pads that keep your ear dry and fresh. The unique Ski goggle suspension headband idealized curves across your full head cozily and removing pressure points.

The Arctis 7 has a long life rechargeable battery, with 24 hours battery timing. This stands up to your extended gaming sessions and without needing to stop your game and charge frequently.

With incredibly comfortable elastic headband and great balanced audio with audio customization option make it perfect for gaming. The Arctis 7 has auto speaker switching options, automatically switch from headset to a pair of connected speakers when you turned on and off the headset. This headset is compatible and connects to any non-USB devices such as Xbox One and Nintendo Switch with 3.5mm cable. The Arctis delivers you exactly you need the high quality, noise cancellation, and aesthetic design.
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  • Extremely Long battery lifetime (24 hours)
  • MIC is clear, simple and retractable
  • Accurate and well-balanced sound
  • Lightweight and super comfortable
  • Strong and clear wireless signals with zero latency
  • Stylish design
  • Portable/multi-platform
  • Large ear cups are comfortable but not heavy
  • Game and Chat sound mixing is a good idea


  • Base EQ settings are not very good
  • Surround sound is not great
  • Ear cups are nearly shallow
  • Not that much louder
  • A lot of buttons on the headphones that feel unnecessary
  • Maybe small for big head gamers
  • Does not support Bluetooth on the iPad but does on iPhone devices
  • No instructions manual
  • The cord is littlebit short than others


4. Logitech G Pro | Best Budget Gaming Headphone

Logitech G Pro Gaming HeadsetLogitech G Pro Gaming Headset is designed and set up to the exacting features and specifications of all gamers.  For gamers seeking great set up and audio quality over the gamer aesthetic, Logitech G Pro is a great choice. It delivers maximum sound performance with Pro G Drivers that ensure the bass is nice and enjoyable. The Pro headset provides you exactly what you need, the highest quality, performance and great isolation for gaming. Extreme lightweight build and comfortable foam ear passing are designed for unique comfort during extended and aggressive gaming.

  • Interface: Wired
  • Drivers: Pro-G Audio Drivers
  • Microphone: Adjustable Boom Mic
  • Audio: DTS 7.1 Surround
  • Audio Controls: On Cable
  • Compatibility: PC, PC VR, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo switch

At the price, the Logitech G Pro works against competitors like the reasonable. The headband is made up of TR90 nylon, stainless steel frame, and polycarbonate pivots ensure its reliability. Delicate and lightweight polymer ear cup shell and frame make it lightweight and durable. The high-quality microphones have better frequency range, sensitivity, and all in one it feels like an ideal built headset.

The Logitech G Pro delivers admirable audio performance, manages to make the sound more soft and comfortable and simple to recognize than other headsets. The headset offers a good amount of noise cancellation. So, the Logitech G Pro is a proven high-quality headset, as you can play for hours without any irritation. It is a wonderful choice of those games that need a solid pair of headphones when they’re starting gaming at home, these are a decent fit. Finally, the Logitech G Pro headset looks like the G433, improved the materials, isolation, mic, excellent performance and reasonable price make it perfect for gaming.

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  • Good at noise cancellation
  • MIC is above average
  • Sound quality is amazing
  • Incredible comfort and design
  • Quality is top notch
  • 1 Year Warranty + Headset splitter
  • One of Best Gaming Headphones


  • Lacking bass
  • Sound isolation is average
  • No mic monitoring
  • Sort-of cheap feeling


5. AUDEZE Mobius | Premium 3D Gaming Headphone

AUDEZE Mobius Premium 3D Gaming HeadphoneMobius is the first premium, fully intensive 3D realistic audio and headband feels like a gimmick.  Fully intensive 3D gaming headphones designed especially for gamers and performs well with PC gaming, PlayStation and Xbox. This headset with completely integrated surround sound functionality, Mobius delivers the amazing cinematic performance you would realize in a playhouse. Mobius is exactly immersive, immerse yourself in your favorite game, video or movie. Audeze Mobius uses Waves Nx Technology to increase the realism of 3D audio. Mobius seems as5.1/7.1 audio card to your PC.

  • Interface: Wireless / Bluetooth / USB
  • Battery: 7-hour battery life
  • Drivers: 50mm drivers
  • Microphone: Flexible / Detachable boom microphone
  • Audio: Stereo 3.5mm / 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound / LDAC codec
  • Audio Controls: On-Headset
  • Compatibility: PC, PlayStation ,Xbox One

This headset delivers comfortable and long term use with great sound. It has amazing features like  Pinpoint localization, Planer magnetic provides a high quality of cinematic sound for music lovers, connects wired and wireless Bluetooth connections. You can change the head-tracking feature to your liking and  Mobius provides you the choice to use wireless with Bluetooth freedom. Mobius’s comfort is built up by the inclusion of modifiable ear pads and durable memory foam headband make it more comfortable for extended gaming sessions.

Mobius comes with a variable and remote microphone with fixed noise attenuation, and easy microphone volume controls to deliver high audio quality. Mobius delivers you the best listening experience because of Planer Magnetic drivers and the 3D surround audio, you’ll quickly listen to characters before when you see on the screen of PlayStation. If sound quality is a concern for gaming and music you will not find the best-wired headset than the Audeze Mobius. This headset is a collection of unique features and specifications leading sound quality more enough to justify the price.[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”yes” title=”Title Here” button_text=”View on Amazon” disable_button=”no” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_SELF” button_rel_attr=”nofollow”][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • Crystal-clear voice calls
  • Easy and Comfortable
  • Hi-Resolution Music Quality and 3D effect
  • The quality is top notch so it won’t break easy or sooner


  • Slightly heavy
  • Very expensive
  • Wired Connection is somehow better the Bluetooth


6. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro | Professional Gaming Headset

The Turtle BeacTurtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro Gaming Headseth Elite Altas PC gaming headset delivers premium performance in each game with Superior audio quality and durable comfort. Premium gaming mic with TruSpeak Technology, noise-canceling microphones are there to ensure your voice is heard clearly. The Turtle Beach has improved ear cups, build up with thick, soft and airy fabric ear cushions that remain comfortable ears during extended sessions of the game.

  • Interface: Wired
  • Drivers: 40mm neodymium magnets
  • Noise-Cancelling: Yes TrueSpark Technology
  • Audio: 50MM Nano Speakers / Stereo 3.5mm / 5.1 surround sound
  • Audio Controls: Convenient In-line Controls
  • Compatibility:PC, PS4, Xbox One

A professional metal headband with a soft ear pad and adjustable memory foam ear cups ensure excellent comfort so you can fully focus on the game without any irritation. The Elite Atlas headset comes with Turtle Beach’s Large,  sturdy 50mm  Nanoclearover-ear speakers delivers what you consider to be the best audio in gaming at the most reasonable price also.

Turtle Beach’s special ProSpecs sleek and comfortable design helps to remove pressure on your glasses during playing game. The Elite Atlas is a stylish and well-constructed headset that connects to any PC and also work great with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices with 3.5mm and PC splitter cables. This is a wonderful choice for gaming delivers removable high-sensitivity noise-canceling mic for perfect communication with team members.

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  • Durable Comfort
  • Aerofit Ear Cushions
  • Large 50MM Nanoclear Speakers
  • Dependable mic and simple design
  • Excellent price with excellent quality
  • High-quality sound with crystal clear microphone for game chat
  • Ear pads are extremely comfortable


  • Aux cord is short
  • Average plastic body
  • The mic is also not great but average


7. Astro A40 TR | Best Noise Cancelling Headset

Astro A40 Best Noise Cancelling HeadsetAstro A40 designed for gaming with ASTRO Audio, the best gaming features and look to make it’s a gaming master. Astro comes with high-quality materials and construction. They are easily adjustable and very thin. Astro designed for pro gamers to deliver soft, clarity of audio and detail at each volume and frequency level of audio.  Swappable Precision Microphones with highly sensitive unidirectional mic that not only focus on your audio and reduces any background noise.

  • Interface: Wired  / Over-the-Ear Design
  • Drivers: 50mm drivers
  • Microphone: Swappable/Removable Mic
  • Audio: Stereo 3.5mm / Dolby 7.1 / Customizable Speaker Tags
  • Audio Controls: Convenient In-line Controls
  • Compatibility: PC, MAC

The Mixamp Pro TR features Dolby Digital Surround Sound processing delivers delay and interference-free game audio so, you can focus only on gaming. Its easy controls allow you for fast and easy adjustment of the game to audio balance setting, users to choose 1 of 4 different EQ modes for each game. All these amazing features make the ASTRO A40 TR headset the great gaming headset for all gamers and also the ideal for streaming and audiophiles.

The A40 TR headset comes as a professional headset featuring the high audio quality, durable comfort, and a swappable precision mic, user customization adjust to any environment. This headset has mobile cable plugs directly into the headset by 3.5mm 4-pole jack, a volume control system offers an in-line microphone. This headset is a collection of unique features and specifications leading sound quality more enough to justify the price.
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  • Comfortable, affordable and durable
  • Crystal clear sound and in-game communications
  • Ear cushions are soft and don’t dig into the head
  • Great Ergonomic and visual design
  • Comfortability with glasses


  • Mic boom can fail quickly
  • Bit expansive
  • Surround sound isn’t effective


8. Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition | Best Wired Gaming Headset

Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition Best Wired Gaming HeadsetCreative Sound Blaster H7 Tournament Edition designed for especially gaming immersion and audio precision. It offers comfort and durability with great audio quality. The headset comes improved 50mm full spectrum drivers, high-quality microphones and a professional look with durable ear cups of brushed metal plates. Its upgraded drivers offer better gameplay with clarity and immersive audio.

  • Interface: Wired /  USB and Analog
  • Drivers: 50mm drivers
  • Microphone: Detachable and flexible mic
  • Audio Controls: Advanced Audio Control Box
  • Frame Type: Reinforced steel and aluminum
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Its audio is loud and soft, you’ll find in the action of your game. The Blasterx Acoustic Engine Pro has software contain scout mode which helps you to hear before see to achieve high results in competitive games. You can connect via USB mode by the selecting BlasterX Acoustic Engine profiles or X-Plus Mode, this mode built up with special-tuned profiles for aggressive games.

Creative Sound Blaster H7 Tournament Edition has a dual sound signature that gives the realism of your game, video, and movie by selecting between the Analog mode and digital USB mode. It performances well for PC gaming, resulting in a PC gaming headset that looks just as perfect as it’s audio. If you’re considering high-quality audio, comfortable, and sturdy look, the Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition is the great choice for PC gaming. All features within one headset for using with multiple devices make it perfect for gaming and better to justify the expense as you’re gaining a lot for your money

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  • Outstanding comfort with long-term wearability
  • detachable boom mic plug
  • Clear and accurate sound
  • Great microphone quality
  • Excellent build quality
  • Sturdy but not too heavy
  • Worth every penny and more


  • Some time connections are bad sound drops
  • Not quite as loud/punchy
  • USB plug and audio plug almost fit together side by side


9. Razer Destiny 2 ManO’War Tournament Edition | Best Gaming HeadPhones

Razer Destiny 2 ManOWar Tournament EditionThe Destiny 2 Razer ManO’War TE provide high-quality gaming audio through its auxiliary-large 50-millimeters, custom-tuned drivers. A slam ear cup design with plush circumaural padding creates superior sound isolation so you focus on the game uninterrupted by going-round noise. Together with Razer Surround, you’ll truly feel like you’re in the middle of the game action.

  • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ω ¬ at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity (@1 kHz): 112 ± 3 dB
  • Input power: 30 mW
  • Drivers: 50 mm, with Neodymium magnets
  • Inner ear cup diameter: 60 mm / 2.36 in
  • Connection type: analog 3.5 mm
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, & Mobile Devices

This gaming headset is equipped with in-line remote control, the headset allows you to control game volume and mute the analog MEMS microphone without groping in the middle of a game or raid. The fully retractable microphone boom not only pulls out from the left ear cup as you need it, but its flexible design also gives you the freedom to adjust it to your exact needs so your clan can hear you loud and clear.

The headset is outfitted with rotatable ear cups, extra-large plush ear cushions, a wide headband, and optimal weight for extended gaming sessions as well as for unparalleled comfort on the go. The headset also has the exact same soft-nap leatherette cushions as the award-winning Razer ManO’War, providing you with unmatched comfort and incredible audio immersion.

The 3.5 millimeters combined audio jack and included splitter cable give you mic support on your mobile devices as well as full connectivity to consoles and PC. This headset was designed specially to match perfectly with your other Destiny 2 Razer peripherals for a completely immersive gaming experience that is a must for any Destiny fan.
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  • Sound quality is amazing
  • Battery Lifetime is great
  • Wireless dongle/dock, with great range and never had connectivity issues
  • Great RGB Chroma lighting
  • Extra-wide sound recording and excellent directionality
  • An awesome mechanism for taking earcups off/replacing them


  • Earcups can get sweets while using them for long hours
  • Sound lacks punch, out of the box


10. Asus ROG Strix Fusion 700 | Best Aesthetic & Shining Headset

Asus ROG Strix Fusion 700Asus ROG Fusion 700 is a gaming headset with rich gaming sound that offers versatile connectivity, with USB 2.0 for wired gaming on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo. The headset gaming audio comes with a unique airtight chamber structure and 50mm ASUS Essence drivers. Designed with a wide frequency level of 20-40kHz, its exclusive ASUS Essence drivers give excellent strong bass and gaming audio clearly so you’ll hear the details and immerse yourself in gaming.

  • Interface: USB / Bluetooth
  • Drivers: 50mm drivers
  • Microphone: Digital Boom Mic
  • Bluetooth Control:  Audio, RGB
  • Audio: Stereo 3.5mm 
  • Lighting: Aura Sync RGB
  • Compatibility: PC, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

Ear pads made of fabric,  or soft leather, fabric mesh, Exclusive ROG hybrid ear pads to ensure ultimate comfort. The descent oval shape of ROG Hybrid ear pads gives better sound insulation and comfort so, they’re perfect for gaming.

Cross-platform compatibility with USB 2.0+ Bluetooth for PC, PS4, Nintendo switch, and mobile devices. Cross-platform compatibility with USB 2.0 + Bluetooth for PC, PS4, Nintendo switch and enabled mobile devices. ROG Strix Fusion 700 mic with a sound-processing algorithm for delivering clarity and soft audio in-game communication. Adjustable microphones can mute automatically, without you need to adjust the settings. You can easily adjust and change the volume and other settings on the touch plate. During playing the game you can receive calls or listen to music through Bluetooth facility.

Take calls or listen to music via Bluetooth while playing your game. When you never compromise on gaming audio quality, comfort, and design, the ROG Hybrid is the best choice for you as it delivers the audio quality, ROG hybrid cushions for excellent comfort, RGB lighting to show descent style without any compromise.

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  • BT Stereo Audio is good
  • The microphone is short but sounds good
  • Good headset for such price range
  • Elegant Design


  • No active sound canceling just thick earphone cushions
  • Settings and Customisation severely lacking


Buyer’s Guide

If you’re an audiophile or a gamer, you’re looking for best gaming headphones at a reasonable price. You’ll be happy with these headset experiences at in your range. These headsets make perfect to work with PC, Playstations, USB and mobile devices. You will be impressed with the active noise cancellation and high sound qualities of these headsets, although the design and material may polarize users.

Whether you’re finding for a wireless, premium and noise-canceling, these all headsets all sound great. The headsets have one common and the main feature is an active noise cancellation that offers you improve the audio experience. However, the best feature is that the headsets contain highly reliable and durable battery performance about 14-20 hours of battery life. When you’re purchasing any headset, make sure they’re equipped with brand new technologies that can deliver a reliable sound experience.

Overall headsets are surprisingly great, with remarkable audio, and bass frequencies, that means you will enjoy great sound whether you’re playing games, listening music and watching films, you will find yourself in the play station or a cinema.


To avoid damage to your headphones during any setting and adjustment, you should care. Ensure the volume on your headset is turned down before connecting your headphones. After wearing the headset on your head, gradually turn the volume until you reach a comfortable listening level. Exposure to excessive audio levels can affect hearing loss and damage the functionality of headphones.

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